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The suspense is still continued, and it is not yet revealed that who will going to be the opener batsman with Capitano Rohit Sharma in the Third Test match. The Third Test match of Trofeo Border-Gavaskar 2023 verrà giocato Holker Stadium, Indore on Wednesday, 1st March 2023. 


In the press conference that happened a day before the match, Rohit Sharma was asked whether it is relevant to playing-XI that KL Rahul Vice Captaincy has been taken back from him? Captain denied the fact.



Rahul is under performance in the last matches, Selectors declared the Teams for the last two Test matches in which Rahul is not designated as Vice-Captain. Overlooking all these conditions, it is presumed that Shubman gill will take the position of the opener batsman along with Captain Rohit Sharma.


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