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Women in India are at higher risk of varied heath issues due to varied reasons like no control on diet or lack of a balanced diet, child birth, and some other unknown or known reasons. They have to face varied health issues – that may affect the cumulative economy’s results. Good health of women can put into economic gain through the formation of quality human capital and increased levels of savings and investments. There are varied key factors that matter a lot and depend on women’s health. You should keep some points in mind and stay active to get some tests done properly.

salute delle donne

With increasing concern globally about the women’s health, varied clinical institutions, hospitals and experts are taking crucial steps. You should also be more conscious about your health and get some tests done as per your age. Medical experts, doctors and scientists are also increasing their consideration to the difference between the health needs of women. There are varied diseases that are increasing their concerns like:

  • Malattia del cuore 
  • Colpo
  • Diabete
  • Maternal health issues 
  • Infezioni del tratto urinario 
  • Salute sessuale 
  • Cancro al seno
  • Osteoporosi
  • La malattia di Alzheimer

salute delle donne

Tests for Women in Their 20-30 Years Age

  • Weigh regularly is important. If your weight upsurges, it means you are at high risk of developing different diseases later in life
  • Your blood pressure matters a lot and proper checkups will provide you with a clear indication of taking right steps 
  • Your cholesterol level checkup is equally important. A cholesterol test at least once in six months will keep you alert to take the right steps for your diet to make it balanced one
  • Breast exam, pelvic exam and Pap, are some of the important tests to get done in this age group. Such exams take a few minutes and a little discomfort and you will be able to take the right steps to protect from severe diseases
  • You need to keep in mind your eyes and tests to ensure your visibility are clear
  • You need to get your immunizations checked  

There are varied other tests that you must get done in case you are suffering from seasonable diseases.

salute delle donne

Tests Required for Women after Crossing 40s
There are a few tests required to get done after 40s. Some of the most crucial tests that required to get done in 40s are the following: 

Livello di zucchero nel sangue
At the age of crossing 40s, you are advised to get a fasting blood sugar test. Regular consumption of coffee, hot dogs, fries, and dairy products may case high blood sugar level or misbalance in the sugar level.

If you have crossed the age of 40s, you should get breast exams done properly. Some options are available to do it at home or you can consult with doctors. Mammogram test is required to get done after 40s.

Your Weight and Blood Pressure
If you have crossed the age of 40, chances of disturbance in blood pressure possible as it may increase or decrease. If you pay attention to diet, exercise and medication, you can keep your blood pressure maintained.  

salute delle donne

You should also take care of your weight as overweight can put you at high risk of developing varied diseases like heart diseases and diabetes. There are varied other exams required to get done properly. You should also consult with experts. After crossing the age of 40, you should keep control over your diet and follow the steps to get healthy diet. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, fried foods, dairy products, etc need to avoid or you should consult with doctors. 

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