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On wednesday, 1st March 2023,  the third test match between India e Australia is scheduled to be played at Holker Stadium, Indore. Both the Teams has started practicing on the pitch. On monday, Team India’s players KL Rahul e Shubman Gill seen together practicing batting.


It seems that the pitch is suitable for batting, and it will be an advantage for both the Teams to secure a good target for the other innings Team. Already two test matches loss by Australian Team was more focused on the batting over the spin bowling. Holker Stadium pitch report says that the pitch has grasses on it in the middle while other areas are grass free. Experts are presuming that the pitch will be batting friendly, and it will help batters for the first two days. While on the third day it will become helpful for the Spinners.

pitch kohler


On the same ground, the match played between indiano e Nuova Zelanda nel gennaio 2023, Shubman Gill had hit the century. Although it was a one-day match that played but due to out performance of KL Rahul, Branchia has high chances to get the position of opener batter.


Rohit Sharma e Virat Kohli have also seen practicing in the Holker Stadium. Rohit seen to hit the long shots against spinners while Kohli was performing defense against off-spinners. Kohli has also seen guiding fellow players in practicing slip catching. bis just one catch away to secure target of 300 catches in the International Cricket Tournaments.


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